When you get pregnant you face many changes in hormones and body. Estrogen and progesterone are produced more in a pregnant woman’s body. These hormones makes several changes, especially on the skin. To maintain beautiful and healthy skin, every expecting women should reconsider their skincare routine. Learn what is safe and what is harmful for you and the infant.

Expect and get prepared for changes

Prepare for skin changes

A baby is growing and developing inside your body and making space for itself. This little joy comes with noticeable marks called stretch marks. Even after delivery, hormones can also be the cause of these skin marks. Cocoa butter is one of the safest lotion to fight with those marks and skin blemishes.

Observe Skin Pigmentation

You may observe darker sports because of hyperpigmentation. During pregnancy you hormones are going out of order, increased melanin cause noticeable changes such as patches on skin to darken, particularly areolas.

Avoid Popping Your Pimples

Almost all have experienced acne in their teenage years. Because during pregnancy the body goes through lots of hormonal changes. You might develop skin abrasions or acne. Most of the time it get clear after pregnancy, however serious marks such as Chloasma or pregnancy mask needs a proper treatment.

Avoid harmful Chemicals

Avoid Antiperspirants

Chemicals like aluminum found in antiperspirants are dangerous for baby and also harm your baby. Find pregnancy friendly deodorants and other safe products.

Reconsider Your Nail Routine

Mostly nail enamels and remover contain Toluene and Formaldehyde. Both of them contain preservatives and can seriously harm if absorbed. However no need to completely forego your pretty nails, make sure you pick the nail polish that is free from Formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals.

Forget the wrinkle cream and teeth whitening.

Wrinkle creams and teeth Whiteners contain thioglycolic acid and retinol that are very dangerous chemical and must be avoided during pregnancy.

Be careful while brushing the teeth

Most if not all toothpastes contain fluoride and other harsh chemical. So go for safe products for your teeth.

Pick things that work!

Research Before you Buy

Once you are aware of your need and dangers of using certain product, you must look for things that work for you and your baby. Research on websites, pregnancy forums and magazines. Consult with doctors and dermatologist if you have need.

Try to go green

Use organic, oil free skin products. Better is to use herbal products or do it your self with things available in your kitchen or the local store. These natural products are free from harsh chemicals and usually environmental friendly.

Reference: Joey Atlas

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