Summer is here!! Identify and Treat These 8 Summer Skin Rashes

“Everything's always in transition. If you focus, even now, just one week into summer, you can almost feel autumn coming.” That was a line uttered by Ali Larter’s character in the film, “Final Destination 2000”.  It isn’t just the season that’s changing though.  If you try to really notice, even the way your skin behaves has changed as well, and you didn’t even need your doctor to tell you so.


Summer Skin Woes


It’s that seasonal skin blues that makes it imperative for you to keep adjusting your skin care routine as seasons change as well. However, there are other skin problems in summer that you might encounter, and when you do, it pays to know what you can do to arrest the situation and treat the condition as much as you can.

Listed below are 8 of the most common types of rashes who love the summer as much as you do:


1.  Heat Rash.  This rash develops when the weather is hot and arid but, your sweat cannot escape from your pores.  When that happens the dew becomes locked underneath your skin and below your pores.  On the surface, you will notice tiny, dry blisters accompanied by redness that can feel very itchy and sting when you perspire. Relieve your skin from the discomfort with a calamine lotion. You can also soothe the discomfort by bathing with uncooked, rolled oats or, leaving it on affected area of your skin for a few minutes.


2.  Pollen Allergies.  People who suffer from hay fever will be familiar with the sneezing and mucus that you can get when the seasonal breeze starts blowing. Most people, too, will manifest skin rashes, watery eyes, and swollen throat due to pollens. You will need an oral antihistamine to control your pollen reactions. All you need then is to make sure to keep your skin well moisturized to relieve the accompanying itch.


3.  Acne Breakouts.  The combination of the hot and humid weather, and your profusely sweating skin make for an ideal environment for acne-causing bacteria to thrive. Try to keep your skin dry, grease-free, cool and clear as much as you can.  Cleansing with a product that has salicylic acid in it will help regulate the oil while also managing flaking skin, making your skin less conducive to bacteria.


4.  Sun Allergies.  Also called, Photosensitivities, is a condition that develops when UV reacts with a food or medication in your diet that causes a chemical reaction which, in turn, results to skin redness and itchiness that is sometimes accompanied by tiny, watery blisters.  Aloe vera extract can help soothe and heal your skin.

Among the antibiotics that can trigger this skin allergy are antibiotics, retinoids, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. When you are taking these medications, avoid sun exposure as much as possible. Read up on Clinique Sunscreen reviews too to see if the product might be able to help you ease photosensitive reactions.


5.  Athletes Foot.   Its a fungal infection characterized by dry, flaky, sometimes even powdery skin on your toes.  When you see this, do what you can to keep your toes dry as you treat it with an antifungal cream until you see the condition disappear.


6.  Hives.  It is an allergic reaction to dust, mites, pollen, or any foreign body that your body considers to be an allergen. It is characterized by a patch of red mark on your skin that resembles a map. At times, it may be accompanied by raised, dry blisters and an itch thats difficult to manage. Take antihistamine. Relieve itchy skin by taking a shower with lukewarm water to get the allergen off of you.


7.  Swimmers Itch.  Characterized by skin redness that you often notice after coming in from swimming in open water and most especially when you fail to shower immediately. Soothe the irritation with an antihistamine or, a hydrocortisone cream. Also, keep your skin dry.


8.  Poison Ivy Allergy.  Time outdoors can be easily spoiled when you encounter this plant or at least a pollen that came from it. If you suspect poison ivy allergy, immediately wash affected skin with soap and water.  When the itch becomes unbearable, take an antihistamine.

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Top advice: Maintain dry skin, stay in cool environments, and keep your surroundings clean. Its the best way you can ensure you dont spend the rest of the summer locked up indoors, nursing your poor skin.

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