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How to Build a Personalized Skincare Ritual

Taking proper care of their skin is the majority of ladies’ top priority, and if you’re one of those women who always loved to pamper their skin – welcome to the club, you’re at the right place! Here are some useful tips on how to build a personalized skincare ritual, so check them out and get down to business!


Skincare rituals for dry skin

Needless to say, your skincare ritual needs to be tailored according to your skin type, so start from there and identify your…


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Why You Should Switch to Natural Cosmetics

Whenever you read that a brand of a skin conditioner has “proprietary formulas”, this actually means that the product has synthetic colors, fragrances, and more. We use different kinds of cosmetics all the time, but many of these products are harmful because they contain substances…


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4 rejuvenation skin tips to get your glow back

Australia is known for its long summers and mild winters. Sydney has approximately 230 sunny days in total annually! However, that also means that our skin is more exposed to the Sun’s rays and that we need to take extra care of it to keep it nice and glowing. Plus, with all that sunshine, we need to be careful not to over-expose our skin to much…


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Top Skincare Treatments You Must Try

Is there anything that feels more luxurious than a good skin treatment? You let professional aestheticians pamper you, and then you walk out looking refreshed and rejuvenated, and feeling like a million bucks. We don’t know about you, but we’re all for that delicious feeling of being transformed and letting our beauty shine. This year, the skincare trends are getting more and more fun, and it’s definitely the time to try some if you haven’t already. Don’t know…


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Summer is here!! Identify and Treat These 8 Summer Skin Rashes

“Everything's always in transition. If you focus, even now, just one week into summer, you can almost feel autumn coming.” That was a line uttered by Ali Larter’s character in the film, “Final Destination 2000”.  It isn’t just the season that’s changing though.…


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Nutrition Tips for Breast Feeding Mothers

Congratulations! You just had a baby, or are ready to welcome your new arrival soon. Many mothers are choosing to breast feed their children because they want them to have the best nutrients and they want to bond with the baby more. I have looked into this myself so I thought I would inform other mothers about some nutrition tips for breast feeding mothers. I am sure…


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Trending Nail Art this Year

Art is the most wonderful and further complicated world of fashion. Nail art in specific is a measure that people are always looking around for inspiration. Art designs exhibited this year have gone a notch higher in their art. They are so enigmatic and exciting such that you don’t want to miss what comes next. Well, here is a taste of what is trending this year in…


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Politico! Oh No........KEEPING the Campaign Trail Out of Your Treatment Room.

rsz_rock_the_vote (2)

With campaign season in full swing and opinions riding high, it makes sense that guest will come into your boutique wanting to talk politics. However when it comes to discussing the state of the union with guests you really don't want to go there. For many years I worked within short view of the White House on numerous local and international top dogs of the political world (I…


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12 Weight Loss Tips, 12 Weeks and 12 Pounds Gone, For Sure!

Never Skip Breakfast

Studies prove breakfast is best for weight loss. Many people think skipping it will help, however missing meals specially breakfast isn’t good because it encourages the snacking because of the hunger feeling.  …


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Content Marketing for your Skin Care Business

In the last several months, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about marketing execution for a few different skincare companies that I’m interested in working with.  During my research and many attempts at creating marketing proposals which look professional and correctly portray my ideas, I was suddenly hit with a string of “E” words…  :)

Educate –…


Added by Tara Templeton on May 22, 2013 at 11:30am — No Comments

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