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Top 7 Body Firming Creams You Should Try

Loose sagging skin is one of those most dreaded signs everyone has to face as a direct outcome of aging skin. Unfortunately, some lose their muscles sooner, and you know how that results to jiggly skin making your skin lose its firmness and worse, seem…


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Relationship between smoking and diabetes

What is the relationship between smoking and diabetes problems?

Smoking and diabetes are a dangerous combination. Smoking increases your risk of diabetes-related problems. If you quit smoking, you will reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney disease and nerve disease. Your cholesterol levels and blood pressure can improve. It will also improve blood flow. If you smoke, talk to your doctor to help you quit.

What else I can do to prevent…


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Eyebrow waxing

Hi I just did an eyebrow and lip wax on a girl and her skin turned very red afterwards. Her mother asked me if that was normal. The wax was not up to high and I did everything properly. I gave her finpil to put on at home. Is there something possibly that I did wrong or was her skin just very sensitive ? Thank you

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10 celebrity skincare secrets

The job of every celebrity is to look good no matter the weather, and they usually keep their secrets for the perfect look. However, some of them like sharing their secrets and that is why we have some insight in their beauty treatments.

Skin Boosting Food

Besides leading a healthy life, with plenty of healthy foods, Miranda Kerr’s deepest secret for perfect skin is coconut oil. As she uses it every day, she can…


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Top 10 Creams That Hide The Wrinkle; Hide Your Age

If you’ve been intimidated by the sheer number of products available for younger skin care, wait until you see the volume and variety of anti-aging products being sold. Skincare for aging skin becomes trickier with mixed marketing messages, all competing for your attention and nod.…


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Is Natural Skin Care Movement Really That Important?

As you know, our skin is the biggest organ of our body. It is very important to take care of it just like you are taking care of others. The fact that the skin is outside and protects all other organs, doesn’t really make any difference. It can easilly be damaged physically, but also chemically. Now you are wondering, how can I damage my skin chemically? Well, a lot of us do it almost every day by applying all kinds of synthetic cosmetic products on it. You see, cosmetic manufacturers are…


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Get Office Ready in Ten Minutes

Let’s face it, considering the many activities you have to juggle throughout the day, ten minutes-tops may be all you need and have to get your makeup ready and arrive in the office in time. This article contains insightful information in regards to getting your perfect…


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Treat The Under Eye Aging Signs Without Pain

Whether you’re still able to account for fine lines and wrinkles across your face and around your eyes, people with different skin at various stages of…


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5 Things You Need to Know About Your Eye Creams

Eye creams seem to be a particularly controversial subject among skin care enthusiasts. This is mostly because there is no agreement whether…


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Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

Are you following a skin care routine? Do you love to pamper your skin? If you do, then you are surely spending a bit of your time keeping it squeaky-clean, smooth and flawless. You are also likely to have a regular exfoliating routine, and of course – you love slathering on hydrating moisturizer, don’t you? However, there’s one simple step that you can add to your morning beauty regime. And you’ll be…


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Beauty Tips for Fair and Glowing Skin in Winter

Animals are wrapped in furs, mummies are wrapped for eternity, butterflies are wrapped for safety in cocoons. As for women, they are wrapped in skin which is exposed all through the year to harsh climatic elements, the winds that ravage, the sun that burns.

The sauna was invented to take care of such matters. But saunas are expensive. Here is the body ritual, based on the wrap-up principle. It's all done at home. And it all starts in the…


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PCA Peels for Sale

PCA Peels for Sale:
2 fl oz - Ultra Peel - 11/16
2 fl oz - Peel with HQ -10/16
2 fl oz - Peel with HQ Free - 5/17
2 fl oz - HQ & Resorcinol - 01/17
Body Peel W/ Accel - 12/17
11 Post Peel Kits
Products are sealed!
$500.00 for everything

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Make Healthy Choices in Your Life: Switch to Organic Inside Out

Lately we are hearing so much about organic lifestyle, that we could confuse it with nothing more than just a buzzword, but it is actually so much more. In a world burdened by our misuse of natural resources and our inexhaustible aspiration to change and improve what nature has given us, we have lost sight of what is actually important, and that is our health. Organic products provide us with something that we couldn’t otherwise get – a healthy body and a healthy planet at…


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7 Dry Skin Problems and Its Solutions

In case, you also have dropped prey to dry out skin issues; I am certain you understand exactly how infuriating these are. There exists a solid stiffened feeling in the skin that frequently outcomes towards pain, inflammation and itching as well.

I know there were periods whenever you might have…


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How to Keep Your Summer Glow

Our favourite time of the year is already here. Summer is all about getting a healthy glow on our skins, enjoying water activities and getting free from everyday hustle and bustle by the nearest pool or near the seaside. However, we would all like to keep our tan so now it is the right time to embark on your summer skin caring routine. By using the right type of cosmetics, applying bronzers and the right hues of eye shadows you are bound to keep you looking healthily tanned…


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Trending Nail Art this Year

Art is the most wonderful and further complicated world of fashion. Nail art in specific is a measure that people are always looking around for inspiration. Art designs exhibited this year have gone a notch higher in their art. They are so enigmatic and exciting such that you don’t want to miss what comes next. Well, here is a taste of what is trending this year in…


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Beauty Boss Shade: Why Your Backs Really Turned on Snapchat & You Tube

Y'all skincare pros got some serious shade towards Snapchat, You Tube and social media in general  right now. I completely get it.It ain't easy merging the lines with your social and personal persona. Not only that, social media has become a sea of content and who really has…


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The Worst Makeup Mistakes

Have you ever looked at your old Facebook photos, saw the orange shade powder, pink blush and other makeup disasters and thought: “Dear god, what was I thinking?” Do not worry, learning how to do your makeup is a process, and during that process we all make some mistakes. Some of them are true sins that could land us straight into the beauty hell. Luckily, it is never too late to realize your wrongdoings and change them. We will not leave all the hard work to you, though.…


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