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ASCP on My Radio Show this Monday!

This Monday on Shelley's Show & Tell Radio Show I'm chatting with Lauren Snow from ASCP about the price wars going on in our industry due to the Internet Deals. Please join us!! http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/93625/how-to-win-price-wars

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Retiring/Selling aesthetic equipment

I have wonderful equipment for anyone wanting to get started in skin care and have their own business.

I have the bed, work table, Matioli micro dermabrasion machine, ionization equipment for treatments.

Everything to start right into a skin care business. Free training to be discussed.

You can reach me to discuss details @ 214 727 5165 or Dermatherapybycec@yahoo.com.

Kind Regards,


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Best Weight loss Tips

Weight loss

Although it is the desire of many, especially women, a constant weight loss can be a sign that something is wrong. It's fine then investigate…


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Best Eye Makeup In 5 Minutes

Although most women will get accustomed to makeup really early, some even before they reach their teens, many will…


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Eyelash Extension Classes

What course do you guys recommend? Because of where I live and being a student (finances..ugh) I can't really travel far away to take a class in person. I know several online courses exist but I'm just wondering if any of them are good. I would imagine that it's hard to learn something like that online. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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How did skin care change your life?

I am always interested in other people's stories...what they do, their interests, what they are passionate about.  I'd love to hear other stories...and share mine.  Here goes:

I always knew I wanted to be in sales.  I majored in business in college, got a great sales job that I loved (at the time) and pursued my MBA.  After a while, that once great sales job had turned into a slog.  The pharmaceutical industry, in which I was working, had changed so much.  It was impossible to see…


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Get the 20s Glow Back With These 12 Easy Tips

Based on the history of human civilization, people, women and men alike, have a natural tendency to want to be attractive and young-looking — wars have been waged and kingdoms have been conquered all in the name of beauty.  With the promise of science, today, more people are looking at younger versions of themselves in the mirror.

What’s sucking the life out of your skin?

Skin, however, is perennially affected by two types of factors that…


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Politico! Oh No........KEEPING the Campaign Trail Out of Your Treatment Room.

rsz_rock_the_vote (2)

With campaign season in full swing and opinions riding high, it makes sense that guest will come into your boutique wanting to talk politics. However when it comes to discussing the state of the union with guests you really don't want to go there. For many years I worked within short view of the White House on numerous local and international top dogs of the political world (I…


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6 Strange but Effective Ways to Clean Your Pores

There are tiny little openings all over your skin. Called pores, these openings allow small particles into and out of the skin. These little openings contain hair follicles and interact with important glands in the skin as well. Pores are essential to the skin’s health and function.

However, pores can be problematic. Able to be dirty or clogged, pores contribute to acne, skin irritation, and even skin oiliness when problems arise in them. That’s why it is so…


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Laser Clinics: Which Laser Is Best For You?

Image via Canada MedLaser

When going to a laser clinic for cosmetic procedures, you would be surprised to know that there are many different types of lasers that can be used for each process. Some are more invasive than others and some work better for different skin tones. Lasers can be used for many things,…


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